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  • What is proud 2 pay? 

- It simply means that you are proud 2 pay entrepreneurs for their hard work and dedication they put into their craft or services.

  • What does offer based mean?

- We know everyone is struggling to make ends meet, We wanted creators to be able to focus more on making the music rather than stressing about how much it is going to cost them. So occasionally if a artist is struggling on some days we can adjust based off their budget at that time if what they believe the song and our services are worth to them. This is all done in negotiating upcoming sessions. Offers can be rejected, depending on how life is at that moment for both parties.

  • Do you offer package deals?

- Yes, you can pay a set price that allows you a specified amount of recording time to create multiple songs. * Fill out contact form or contact Kaseek directly*

  • What are stems and how to book?

Stems are created by the producer in which they bounce out every single sound individually of the beat so that you have more control of all the sounds in the song, which can ultimately sound better in the end product as well. Please fill out the form to inquire about booking that service.

  • Can I smoke in the studio?

- We are 420 friendly, you can smoke in the designated lounge area. Smoking is not allowed in the booth or mixing room to ensure the longevity of our equipment and protection. (Cigarettes are outside only!)

  • Can I bring people with me?

- You can bring whoever you want, as long as they are respectful. However we recommend that you only bring people that are going to help you with your artistry and not distract you just because they want to look cool for social media.